Do most Berkeley students end up working on the west coast?

<p>Do most Berkeley students end up working on the west coast? I am wondering this because I want to go into business and want to go to Haas. However, I want to work in NYC on the east coast. Am I better off going to a school closer to the east coast? </p>

<p>Also, for engineering, are the jobs people get usually on the west coast too?</p>

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<p>Most schools will have some local bias in employment of their graduates, particularly among smaller companies that may not have a dedicated recruiters to travel everywhere.</p>

<li><p>my roommate (non-Haas, but working in “the financial sector”) was asked if she wanted to work in New York or San Francisco when she was interviewing. She picked NYC and will start there in the summer, so it’s definitely still an option. A lot of it is probably from people wanting to stay close to home (Cal is like 80-90% Californian), preferring this region etc.</p></li>
<li><p>I am originally from the east coast and planned to go back home after graduation all along, but now the west coast weather has really grown on me and I’d quite like to stay here for at least a few years after graduation. I think the weather changes a lot of people’s minds :)</p></li>

<p>ucbalumnus is right about the local bias… but even beyond that, Berkeley is situated in one of the two most desirable geographical areas for professionals (California and NYC)… it’s no surprise that the students which consists of mostly Californians who have ties to the area choose to stay on the West Coast.</p>