Do most people take 3 subjects on same day or one per test session?

<p>What's the best method for taking the SAT subject tests? Should you take all 3 in June of junior year since that's when material will be most fresh? Or do people take them one at a time? It seems like it will be hard to go straight thru 3 different subjects on same day & do your best? If you take a subject test in October or November, are those scores too late for going ED? Thanks.</p>

<p>It makes a lot of sense to get them all over with in one day. One thing to consider though is that you'll have to send in all of your scores to show any from that day- score choice only helps you omit dates, not specific tests. So unless you feel confident that you'll want to share your scores on all of them, you might want to take them separately. I took my 3 subject tests all on different dates partially for that reason, just in case any of them turned out badly since I didn't want the awkward situation of figuring out whether or not to send scores from a date when I did well on one test and not so well on another.</p>

<p>Thank you!! That makes perfect sense & I hadn't thought of it. I will absolutely follow your advice as I do want to pick and choose among my scores so I guess I will do it on 3 separate days. </p>

<p>That means I'd have to take a test in June, Oct & Nov. Will taking subject tests in late fall senior year hurt me so I can't apply ED?</p>


i wanna know this too! and won't taking 3 subject tests on one day make you cram a lot the night before? i mean like, does it make it hard to study because you have to prepare for three tests on one day?</p>

<p>I'm not sure about November tests for ED...I would just check the college website or contact them to see what they accept. Could you not do May, June and October to get it over with more quickly, maybe doing SATs in March instead (I'm assuming you were planning on taking the regular SATs in May)? Also, if taking the tests on 3 different dates makes it hard/stressful to schedule everything, it might be worth it to still consider taking at least two tests on the same day as it could save some hassle. I wanted to give you my personal preference before, but just because the 3 date plan has its merits doesn't mean it's necessarily the best option. You need to figure out which plan works the best for you, and no choice is really wrong here- just try to figure out what makes the most sense. Do you have a guidance counselor at school to help you figure out what would be best in your situation?</p>

<p>I have a question regarding this. Let's say I'm taking Spanish and Bio on Saturday, but I haven't had time to study for Bio at all and my score won't be good, but I already signed up and it's non-refundable. Can I still take bio but just consider it more of a practice test and then cancel my score as soon as I get home? Or would that cancel my Spanish score too?</p>

<p>From the official College board site:</p>

<p>Score Choice gives you the option to choose which scores (by test date for the SAT and by individual test for SAT Subject Tests™) you send to colleges — in accordance with an institution's stated score-use practice.</p>

<p>If you want to cancel scores, you have to cancel scores for all tests taken that day. Individual scores cannot be canceled.</p>

<p>saman- from everything i've heard you would have to send both scores (i asked my counselor about this last year) so i would recommend just taking spanish or taking a test that requires less prep in the place of bio so you don't lost money.</p>

<p>i would never take 2 satIIs on same day. </p>

<p>Wouldnt it make you feel better to wake up 7a.m in the morning and think "ALRIGHT LETS DO THIS IT'S ONLY 1 HOUR. LETS CONCENTRATE FOR 1 HOUR AND GO BACK TO BED" while getting dressed up instead of "OMG I HAVE TO TAKE 3 SUBJECT TESTS, I HATE THIS. IF I MESS UP I HAVE TO RETAKE IT". </p>

<p>At least for me, it keeps me very concentrated. I sit up straight, open my eyes, only focus on the test. If I were to take 2 tests, then after the first one, I would already be tired out after all that. It's a matter of concentration, not stamina. Anyone would be tired out after FULL concentration of 1 hour.</p>

<p>For me, I just take three in one day. I have no problem with it. Suprisingly, this time I finished one of my tests in 25 min. I'm not a genius or Speedy Gonzales, but I am really good at concentrating and getting the job done. Just do what you're comfortable with.</p>

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<p>I did 3 on the same day but focused on one more than the other two. It's just more financially smart to do 3 rather than 1 because a) you get to get a feel for the subject test and 2) you only have to pay like $10 per test on top of the base registration fee.</p>

<p>I took 3 my first time, but honestly, that was only because I had waited too long. It was my only chance to take subject tests before applying, and I took 3 as a safety (I only needed 2). It was not so bad at all.</p>