Do most people who apply for FSU summer bridge CARE get in?

<p>It seems like everyone does. Also what if i send my application two days late.</p>

<p>There are thousands of applicants for the CARE program each year and only ~360 students get in. CARE also reserves the right to close the application window early if the applicant pool gets too large. I would not wait until the last minute to submit your appliation.</p>

<p>okay thank you. I looked on their web site and it said that 97% of the students are pell eligible however I’m not according FASFA also I’m not first generation. But I do come from a single parent household. The people at CARE say I should still apply and i did. But aren’t the chances slim to none?</p>

<p>They will tell you to apply anyway. You may still be accepted but it is my understanding if you are not PELL eligible you will be responsible for paying for the summer bridge program which you are required to attend. There was one student last year that was what they called a self-pay. You may be able to pay for it from loan sources however. I do not know either way.</p>

<p>Wow thanks I’m in ib so bright futures should help me pay but thanks</p>

<p>Does Bright Futures kick in during the summer? I did not think it did. If someone knows please comment as my daughter is taking a full summer semester this upcoming summer.</p>

<p>No, Bright Futures will not pay for summer classes. We will be very lucky if it pays for fall and spring after this semester:( </p>

<p>Every year the award amounts go down, and the entire program will be gone if some Florida lawmakers have their way:mad:</p>

<p>Nolette- on the website there are 2011 updates on the amounts being paid per credit hour moving forward. These amounts seem to be less than my daughter is currently getting. Do you know if these are the changes for the upcoming year or are these last years changes? It seems way too early for the final numbers to be in already.</p>

<p>No more double Pell grants either for 2011-2012. If a student was awarded Pell grants Fall Semester 2011 and Spring 2012, there won’t likely be a Pell award this coming summer like last year. Loans will be about only aid available for most returning students Summer Semester 2012.</p>

<p>State legislature is in session right now, no telling what will happen with Bright Futures…or anything else education funding-wise.</p>

<p>Janna, can you post a link to the specific page? I can’t find that information.</p>

<p>Nolette - This is the link directly to the chart. And it clearly says for 2011-2012 year but the amounts still don’t add up to what my daughter is being awarded…</p>

<p>[Florida</a> Student Scholarship and Grant Programs](<a href=“Home - Florida Student Scholarship & Grant Programs”>Home - Florida Student Scholarship & Grant Programs)</p>

<p>Janna, what amount is your daughter currently getting? </p>

<p>Those amounts are for the current semester, for fall 2012/spring 2013 there will be lower amounts, I’m sure.</p>

<p>Historical Facts:
Prior to 2009, the Florida Academic Scholar Award paid 100% of tuition costs plus a $300 college-related expense.
The awards have been reduced each year, as follows:
2009-2010 Florida Academic Scholar Award: $126 per credit
2010-2011 Florida Academic Scholar Award: $125 per credit
2011-2012 Florida Academic Scholar Award: $101 per credit / FMS $76
2012-2013 Florida Academic Scholar Award: ???</p>


<p>Yeah, at the rate it’s going, Bright Futures may not be around at all. It’s been significantly cut every year for the last few years, and it is still being absolutely destroyed by lawmakers. </p>

<p>What it looks like next year will be that attending FSU will likely be around $225/credit hour after all the fees are factored in, and there may not be any Bright Futures to help offset the costs- or at best, it will cover the same $101/credit hour it pays now- but that will be less percentage wise than it covers currently. </p>

<p>Bright Futures was always heralded as something to strive for in high school as an IB student, because it would pay all of your tuition, as well as other expenses. It’s amazing to see how much that has changed just since my high school class graduated.</p>

<p>Something that does irk me though is that Bright Futures is funded by the Florida Lottery, and that the Lottery was created to help fund education. Well, cuts to education are being made seemingly daily, [yet</a> the Lottery soars on.](<a href=“]yet”> </p>

<p>The cuts to Bright Futures 3 years ago, while drastic, weren’t too bad. They still covered the vast majority of tuition and the like. However, in recent years the 15% increase in tuition per year coupled with continual cuts to Bright Futures make the scholarship worth very little.</p>

<p>Nolette - I was figuring it wrong. When I went into Secure Apps today and refigured it she is getting the right amount for the FMS. Sorry! :)</p>