do my EC need to be very strong and very social to get in Harvard?

<p>my scores and grades are good enough. I taught myself 3 APs in 1 month ( physics B, C, Microeconomics, and calculus AB) and got all 5s ( i didnt take AP cal AB test since i study it for physics C exam)</p>

<p>but my ECS:
Chess, chess, chess, and chess...., probably chess trainer for my school's chess team this coming senior year.</p>

<p>Economics researchs during this summer.</p>

<p>I'm teaching myself game theory( math for economics and several social studies).</p>

<p>I'm working on a short fiction ( more or less than 50 pages)</p>

<p>That's it, and i'm not a social agressor. I don't really involve in things that are social.</p>

<p>Is that a sign of Harvard's rejection?</p>