Do my S has any hope at the following colleges...?


<p>My son is HS junior and would like to go to college with Biochem as major. he is really worried about his GPA. Can anyoone advise me if he has any chance at the following colleges.</p>

<p>UC Berkeley

<p>Here are the stats:</p>

<p>GPA: 3.41 uw and 3.77 UC gpa
SAT I : 2240 (CR:720, M:760, W:760)
SAT II : Chemistry : 740, Math IIC: 760
APs & Honors: 5 Aps (APUSH, Staistics, Computer Science, Bio, Calculus AB) and
3 honor courses (Chemistry, Pre-calc, Physics)</p>

<p>EC: More than 200+ hours of volunteering at Hospital
Res: California
HS: One of the top 10 public HS in California.</p>

<p>his scores seem great.. - maybe he would need to raise his gpa.. .. if thats in order, he definitely has a great chance at those colleges. - Is there anything more to his EC's than 200 hours of volunteering?</p>

<p>Apart from 200 hours of volunteering, he was involved in NASA Inspire program for one year. Does increase in GPA at this stage really helps in college admission as most of the colleges look at only 9th, 10th and 11th grade GPAs?</p>

<p>University</a> of California: StatFinder may help you with stats on admitted freshmen to UCs.</p>

<p>What is his rank?</p>

<p>He has the test scores, but the UW GPA may make Brown, Cornell and Columbia unlikely reach schools. They have gotten very competitive. Perhaps if you read through the stats of accepted students on those schools' threads here on CC you may see how comparable applicants fared.</p>

<p>Unless he attends a particularly difficult high school, his GPA will make UCB, Columbia, Brown, and Cornell high reaches.</p>

<p>You need to add in a lot of safeties. Your S's list has a lot of reaches. Realistically your son's GPA is a match for UCI. However, last year has been brutal at many UCs. Statfinder is out of date. Look at your son's high school naviance or similar data to determine last year acceptances with similar GPA. SAT scores does not matter in most cases. D1 has higher SAT and even much higher UC GPA than your son 2-3 years ago. She did get in 2 schools in your son's list that she may not get in today. She also went to top 10 schools in CA, NMF, 7-8 APs, 2 almost perfect SAT subject tests, top 18 or 20%, moderate ECs.</p>

<p>His school doesn't rank students. However, he might be in top 20%. Difficulty level of the school is considerably high. Ranking of the school lies within 10 in California.</p>

<p>I would also look at stat profiles of each school in the "Colleges" section on this website. The decisions threads are also are good indicator of his competitiveness. Make sure you/he take into consideration that some applicants have "hooks". They may be recruited athletes or come from underrepresented minorities (URM's), which may skew the stats somewhat.</p>