Do my stats qualify for any chance at UC's?

Hello all,

My stats are below:

GPA: 4.05 (calculated w/ rogerhub ; capped)
UW: 3.65 (all 4 years)
Weighted: 3.8 (all 4 years)

SAT: 1390 (670 RW and 720 M)
Might retake in September!

Volunteering: 200+ hrs

3 AP classes and 3 honors throughout whole high school career.

Sports: none but varsity swim senior year (I am going into senior year!)

Major: biology OR business (Econ if no business)

all UC’s
Sjsu, sfsu, csueb, scu

Lmk!! Appreciate all help

Use the weighted capped HS GPA for the table below for UCs.

Fall 2020 admission rates by campus and HS GPA range from Freshman fall admissions summary | University of California :

Campus 4.20+ 3.80-4.19 3.40-3.79 3.00-3.39
Berkeley 37% 14% 2% 1%
Davis 86% 55% 16% 7%
Irvine 60% 38% 9% 1%
Los Angeles 38% 8% 1% 1%
Merced 98% 97% 95% 88%
Riverside 97% 90% 65% 30%
San Diego 78% 39% 8% 1%
Santa Barbara 81% 40% 9% 2%
Santa Cruz 92% 82% 59% 26%

These are for the whole campus. Different divisions or majors may have different levels selectivity (usually, engineering and computer science majors are more selective).

SJSU fall 2021 admission thresholds are listed at Freshmen Impaction Results | Admissions . Thresholds can change next year.

SFSU is not campus impacted, so minimum CSU eligibility should admit if your major is not impacted. Impacted majors are listed at Impaction | Future Students

Note that UCs and CSUs are SAT/ACT-blind.

Biology is impacted at many of the Cal states and all the UC’s so more competitive than the actual admit rate. Econ/Business is also a selective/impacted major at several of the campuses.

You look solid for the Cal states listed and UC Merced, Riverside and Santa Cruz are good target schools. UC Davis, Santa Barbara and Irvine are possible but more of High Match/Low Reach. UC San Diego, UCLA and Berkeley would Higher Reach schools. Since all the CSU’s and UC’s are test blind, your academic profile will have greater weight in the admission process.

Best of luck.

What is WSU in CA?

ahh sorry!! I meant to take wsu down— not applying .

@Gumbymom if all the places this student is applying are CA publics, is there any reason for the student to retake the SAT since these schools are test blind for this cycle and the score won’t matter in terms of admissions?

@pricklypear1: There is no reason to retake the SAT if only applying to the CA publics for admission purposes but SAT scores can be used for English and Math placement.

However, SCU was on the list which is test optional and a higher score would make OP more competitive.

Indeed, for UCs, the OP’s 670 RW score is 10 points short of exemption from remedial English courses. Other means of exemption are an AP English score of 3 or passing a UC English placement exam.

UCSC and UCR are good targets. For Bio and Biz, CPP, CSULB and SDSU have great reputations, are very likely to admit you and are all worth an ap.

Good luck