Do my upper division electives have to be within my major?

I am an upper division psychology major at cal state fullerton in my junior year. I am signing up for spring classes and noticed that my psychology major requires 9 units of upper division electives. Do these electives have to be psychology classes or do I choose anything? I assume they have to be psychology classes since it is upper division level only and other classes require prerequisites but I just wanted to clarify!! PLEASE let me know if you can help!

…But I have also seen many psych majors saying they have taken courses outside of their major for electives so I am a bit confused!

You should meet or email your advisor to confirm but according to the CSUF website for Psychology majors:

Electives (9 units):
3 of 9 units must be a 400-level class, upper-division psychology.

So at least one class needs to be 400 level, while the other 6 units can be any Psychology elective.

Thank you so much!!!

I would assume they have to be psychology. You wouldn’t normally be able to take upper-division classes unless you were majoring or minoring in it. Every major will have a list of required classes and a list of elective classes you can choose from. You really can’t go wrong because any upper-division class you choose right now will be counted toward your major. But I agree, the best person to talk to is an advisor.