Do not wait until new years eve!!!

<p>Hi all -</p>

<p>To repeat my title - DO NOT WAIT UNTIL NEW YEARS EVE!!!</p>

<p>Some colleges require payment or supplement submission or both before you can submit the application. And even for colleges that don't, if you have a problem of any kind, our support desk can help - but not if you email a few hours or minutes before the deadline on the busiest submission day of the entire year.</p>

<p>Submit your applications/supplements/payments weel in advance of New Year's Eve. Please. For your own sake.</p>

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<p>My brother and I have been trying to log in to CommonApp for a few days now and it hasn't been working. doesn't load when we type it into the URL. Do you know if anyone is working on this?</p>

<p>The site has been working fine for me today and the last few days.</p>

<p>Same here it's been working normal.</p>


<p>I have been in and out all day on Common App with no service issues, and have been on the site at least once a day for the last month assisting seniors with apps.</p>

<p>Are you using the correct url?</p>

<p>Also - remember, that the Common App is on EST. That means, if you are on the West Coast, submit before 9 pm or earlier, before the deadline.</p>

<p>It's foolish to wait till the last minute. Too many issues can happen - illness, server crashes, ISP issues, other emergencies.</p>

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<p>bump bump bump</p>

<p>Also - if anyone is using a mac and has issues reading with print preview, use Firefox. Additionally, there is also a software update for Adobe Reader that you might need to download. It's available in the troubleshooting section of the Common App.</p>