Do OOS kids ever get any financial aid?

<p>I'm an out-of-stater who will definitely need aid to they ever give money to OOS? I'm beginning to think it was a waste to apply since I'm probably not going to be able to afford to go.</p>

<p>Significant aid is less common than a smaller scholarship etc among the thousands of OSS kids. It's an expensive public school for OSS, which is well known, and Mich doesn't guarantee to meet need for out of state kids. But you aren't going to know the full financial outcome for awhile so just make sure you have a financially viable choice in your hip pocket in case the aid you need doesn't pan out.</p>

<p>How long approximately will we have to wait? I really don't want to apply anywhere else. :P</p>

<p>You need to apply elsewhere if you need much aid. They depend on oos to pay full ride.
Not saying you won't get any but probably only loans depending on your parents income.
You won't find out until March I think, so make sure you have left yourself other options if money is an issue. Apply to some state schools that you are interested in that meet need-and are cheaper!</p>

<p>D is OOS and got a 4 year - $10K per year traditions scholarship. She was a good student and is in the honors college. Although she is not a minority, her high school was majority minority students. Don't know if that was the reason she got the scholarship, but it might have been a factor.</p>

<p>after she was accepted, how long did it take to get notified about a scholarship?</p>

<p>If you NEED aid they will give it to you. Michigan isn't stingy with money. I know some OOS with full rides here (not minorities) or with very LARGE grants. Fill out the FAFSA, and be patient. Good luck!</p>

If you NEED aid they will give it to you.


<p>Not for OOS students. Yes, they have a lot of money but their first priority is in-state students. They make no promises to OOS students.</p>

<p>"after she was accepted, how long did it take to get notified about a scholarship?"</p>

<p>She was accepted in EA, late December. She was notified of her scholarship late Jan. to Early Feb.</p>