Do or DOn't- Teacher Recs

<p>For the recs, if i check the box which doesn't allow me to see the recommendation will the adcoms take the letter more aeriously? Will it be an advantage? Cause my teacher will give me great recs but I don't know if i should see them because they will be good either way.</p>


<p>Definitely check that box/sign it. It seems like the college gives you the option, but they really want you to sign away your right to see it. And yes, they will view it more seriously if they think it hasn't been tampered with/wasn't written knowing that the student will see it.</p>

<p>Where is this box on the common application?</p>

<p>I can't find it anywhere.</p>

<p>agreed - always waive your right to review.</p>

<p>I can't find a box/ signature line on the common app rec either?</p>

<p>to my knowledge its not on the common app, so don't wet your pants :P</p>