Do passing AP scores count for credit as a transfer?

<p>I passed an AP history and science class, both with a 3. Curious is this credit counts towards the 60 units required to transfer. </p>

<p>It appears that at UCSD, the necessary score for credit is tentative depending on whihc college you attend: Advanced</a> Placement Credit</p>

<p>AP credits will only count toward your 60 units IF you need them to reach the minimum 60-unit requirement; UC's won't count them if you'll end up with too many units. (AP units will only help you, not hurt you) All UC's will give you the same credits for passing the exams (in your case 8 quarter units from history + the science exam credits) but each UC varies on the course exemptions from passing AP exams under their colleges/majors (this is something you consider after you've been accepted).</p>

<p>AT Muir college it says I get 8 units for euro and 8 units for environment. :) I'm surprised.</p>

<p>@minilemon - so if we already have 60 units completed at our CCC, we wont get credit for our AP exams?</p>

<p>You'll get credit. Source? I'm going to have over 100 quarter units and I have already received credit for my AP English & History scores =)</p>

<p>[edit] Sorry, this is just for Cal. I don't know about UCSD =(</p>

You'll still get credits. But when the UC's evaluate your transfer apps, they won't count them since you've already reached the unit requirement. (In other words if you have 100+ units, they won't hold AP units against you. If you're under 60, they will count AP units if that helps you meet the minimum req). Once you're enrolled in a specific UC, you'll get credits for the AP exams you've passed.</p>

<p>Hi, I had a question--I have a 3 in Bio which will get my 8 units, but by mistake i entered 3 for math AB, but I have a 2. So I am assuming I will get credit for Bio only.</p>