Do people like Fresno State

How is the campus life? People, etc?

I can personally say I really like Fresno State. On my list of colleges it was actually close to last but after narrowing down my list it ended up being the one I chose to attend. My first time ever being in Fresno I was going to dog days during the summer and yes that heat was killer but now into my third year I have gotten used to it. As far as the campus life it actually pretty good. There are always events going on although the fun ones are usually during special occasions like holidays or homecoming week. There a bowling alley and a restaurant on campus which is always a great idea if you ask me. The people, at least the ones I know or have run into, are pretty nice and friendly for the most part. I lived in the dorms so I already knew a bunch of people from there but I am a social person so I loved meeting new people and getting to know them. I can mainly speak on the faculty that are associated with the Communications department because that is my major and I have taken many comm courses at this point. The comm teachers are great and all the the ones I have had have been really supportive and make sure you understand what is going on. A piece of advice, do not take random classes when you first get here, make sure you look at the GE list because if you don’t you’ll probably end up taking courses you should have taken your freshman in later semesters. Other than that much of the experience is what you make it. You have to go in to it with a positive and open mind.