Do pharmaceutical companies consider the school I graduate from when hiring me?

Do pharmaceutical companies consider the school I graduate from when hiring me?

At what point do you want to enter the pharmaceutical industry? If it is with a bachelor degree, then whatever state U is nearby that sends students to that company for internships is fine. If you want to enter later on (after a master degree or doctorate or after post-doc work) then the program you are coming out of, your individual research projects and publications, and your specific skill sets will be relevant in your job hunt. It is important to know that you will need to constantly up-date your skill set as tools and techniques change.

To do what- be a financial analyst? Sales? biostatistics? Bench research? Work in corporate HR or facilities management?

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This means that if I wish to enter with a bachelors degree it doesn’t matter wether I attend Simmons or UMass Boston?

Research scientist or anything close tot hat except for research assistant.

You aren’t likely going to get hired to be a research scientist at a pharma company with a BS from anywhere. Folks doing actual research and actual science in the pharma industry have PhD’s or Masters.

You can get hired for pharma sales jobs with a BS, or corporate communications, or accounting/finance. But a BS won’t get you very far doing actual research.

Lab assistant? yes.

How about a research associate position? I looked through Indeed AND Glassdoor some do only require a bachelor’s with 1-2 yrs experience, but they are few.

back when you asked about a Biology degree people told you it is difficult to find a job with just a BS. Thread was

You can keep asking variants on the same question and eventually someone may give you the answer you want to hear about employability. Sounds like you’re intent on doing this anyway.

Given two students with identical coursework, performance, activities, etc., a student from Caltech Or MIT would likely have an advantage over a student from Regional Campus State U.