Do scholarships such as Coca Cola, Burger King, and Wendy Heisman need insanely high GPA or volunteer hours

Do you think I have a chance with my 3.65 GPA? Do I need 1000+ volunteer hours?


My child was the national winner of the Heisman award. Generally you can look at the heisman website where they list accomplishments, community service hours, rank in class, etc for the finalists. I think it is very possible to get through the first stages: school & state gaining some scholarship money with a respectable GPA, community service, and leadership. Progressing through the next stages of finalist and winner does seem to require a good variety of top grades, academic awards, lots of leadership, and a fair amount of community service.
With a 3.65, I say go for it, especially if you have some volunteer hours, leadership, sports and work hard. Heisman was a wonderful opportunity for my kid, the organization itself has been fantastic. My child was surprised with his win. Assurance insurance has now taken the place of Wendy’s for sponsorship and their pledge and ideals now help direct what they scholarship values. Good luck! Fingers crossed for you!