Do schools consider improvement?

<p>Here's my story. Basically, my first semester in an actual university, I screwed up and got a 2.6. The next semester, I did better by taking a lighter course load and got a 3.1. I realized halfway through last semester that I didn't want to be at this school (which is a bottom tier 1- very high tier 2). Unfortunately, my current grade makes me think that I'm probably going to be stuck here.</p>

<p>I guess what I'm asking is it worth it to try and transfer if I do very well next semester? After doing math the best grade I can get is a 3.29 if I do very well. I do have a good amount of EC's on me, but again, what are the chances of getting into a school like USC, Pomona, or Occidental if I do well next semester? And if I do have a chance, how would I explain it?</p>

<p>Are USC, Pomona & Occidental more selective schools than the one you are currently attending?</p>

<p>Here was my cum GPA by semester
1- ~2.6
2- ~2.9
3- ~3.25 this is when I applied to Vandy, got in, applied from a tier 4
Your GPA is not the only application component, EC's recs and essays are of equal weight</p>

<p>USC is probably 30 percent more selective. Pomona is far more selective however I'm kinda just applying to this as a far reach, I heard only 10 people got in from 256. As for Occidental I'm not sure about their rates, however, their "competitive" GPA is 3.3 so I don't know what to make of that, it might be easier than SC.</p>

<p>hahahahah, what EC's did you have under your belt so I can have an idea of where I am.</p>

<p>2 competitive internships, coached elementary soccer for 3 years, research, worked extensively for governor campaign, involved on campus with several student orgs, and several other minor things</p>

<p>It's simple- make sure you write the essay of your life. Schools do look at your grades but the essay is your way of telling them the real story behind the change. Now make sure you don't say something like "oh, I was just lazy but I'm not anymore." If you really wanna go somewhere else, sell your story to them.</p>