do schools PREFER some courses over OTHERS?

<p>I want to transfer out of Duke to some very selective colleges. I really hate the social atmosphere here even though I love the blue devils. My first semester GPA is not good enough only 3.4 so I'm going to wait till sophomore year. My question is inregards to class selection.</p>

<p>Do colleges want to see a breadth of classes or do they only care about GPA? Well I know what the standard response is but please apply it to my scenario. I'm going to be an chem major so I'm definately taking organic chem next term with a math class class. But I could take classes like political science,english or spanish and spanish history. I'm did a study abroad in hs. Even though I'm not hispanic i have latin roots. It'll be pretty clear to adcoms my latin connection. Of course if I take the latin classes, it will be a much easier time to get a high gpa.</p>

<p>what should I do? thanks</p>

<p>what is wrong with Duke, so many Dukies on this board wanting to transfer out?</p>