Do schools superscore?

<p>WELL GUESS what i am the most retarded person on this forum. I get great grades, have strong credential but for the life of me can't do well on these tests, ACT and SAT. First time i got a 26. THIS TIME I GOT A FRICKEN @%$@%@#% 25!!!!! Everything went up up up but damn damn damn science. Science went from a 24 to a 20 because i had no fricken idea what the hell I was doing. If i a school superscored and used the 24 my composite would be a 27. I need advice. I feel BC and other schools will flat out reject me because of my terrible scores. I am pretty sure any person on the street could get these scores. How great. What a nice 18th birthday present. Waking up to see terrible scores. I feel like a moron.</p>

<p>I know some do, and I'm hoping to figure out if the ones I'm applying to do, too. UGHHHH.</p>

<p>I suck at these tests. I hope the SAT later this week isn't a disappointment, as well... asjlkasdlkjf :(</p>


<p>is there anyway we can compile a list of schools that do superscore?</p>

<p>Schools that Don't:

<p>Schools that Do:
Wash U

<p>Sorry for this n00bish question, but what exactly does superscore mean?</p>

<p>it means colleges take the highest score from each individual section and calculate a new composite score. For example, if a person got 34,30,31,18 the first time and 25,29,32,30 the second time, colleges will take the highest individual score, so the newly calculated score would be 34,30,32,30. Does that make sense?</p>

<p>Thank you for the explanation. I appreciate it. It doesn't apply to me yet since I'm a first time taker, but still good info to know. THANK YOU!</p>

<p>Stanford does not superscore the ACT, I called and asked when I was applying. I'm almost positive that they superscore the SAT, however.</p>

<p>that sucks, why only superscore SAT?</p>

<p>Yeah, I know. I don't get why they only take superscores for the SAT. Maybe it's the tradeoff for them not being able to see all of you ACT attemps. IDK, but I think it sucks cause my Composite goes up a point with a superscore, plus a 28 (instead of 32) science looks bad cause I'm probably applying for a science related major. I just have to hope that my SAT Subject tests outweigh that crappy score.</p>

<p>Brown says: "we will notice subscores from multiple tests, but we are looking most at the composites"</p>

<p>I jsut called Haverford, Macalester, Emory, cornell. And they all pick the highest subscores. For some reason though, they all seem to mix up ACT and SAT. So i really hope they know what they're talking about.</p>

<p>Boston Univeristy-NO!</p>

<p>there are few schools that do...</p>

<p>For the sake of clarification about betterday's post #12, Emory University does NOT do any "superscoring" for submitted ACT scores. They take the highest composite score from any single ACT test date. However, for the SAT Reasoning Test, they DO use the highest CR, Math and Writing scores from any submitted tests without regard to test administration dates.</p>