Do scores ever go down?

<p>Hi all! So I really want to become a National Merit Finalist. Last year I took the PSAT as a sophomore and I scored a 219 (CR-67, M-72, W-80). Being a Missouri resident, that score would have qualified me to be a semi-finalist had I been a junior. This summer, I also took the SAT for the first time and I scored a 2180 (CR-700, M-720, W-760, 11 essay). So everything seems to indicate that I'm going to become a semifinalist. However, I'm still extremely worried that my score will go down when I take the PSAT as a junior. How often does this happen? Is my fear legitimate or not? I took a week-long PSAT study class offered by my school this summer while I took the test cold as a sophomore. I guess I just need to be assured that I'll be allright because I can't stop worrying. Kind words and advice are welcome (BTW, should I take the SAT again? I HATE standardized testing and if a higher score won't make much of a difference, I'm not taking it again. Still, I will take it again if a higher score will help me a whole lot.).</p>

<p>If you frequently do practice problems/test and remain consistent, it's likely that you'll do fine. Good luck. :)</p>

<p>your score will remain in about the same range. A girl from my school scored a 236 on her PSAT in her sophmore year, but in her junior year, she only scored a 232, so scores do decrease, but they do so within reason.</p>