do senior ec's count? / is this enough?

<p>when you tell the college about your ec's, can you write about what ec's your going to take your senior year? or it doesn't count? Also could you tell me if this amount of ec's is ok or if i should get more to get into a UC? </p>

- played the piano 4 years
- band 3 years
- chess club 2 years (secretary)
- a.c.t 1 year
- f.b.l.a 2 years
- c.s.f 1 year</p>

<p>im not sure what the bottom three are but you didnt play any sports like bball or foot ball volleyball baseball??</p>

<p>Senior year is way too late to "get ECs". Just take the ones you have seriously, it helps if you can get some recognitions for what you've done (awards, etc.)</p>

<p>oh, sports count? lol i did Cross Country and Track freshmen, sophomore, and am doing them right now during junior year.</p>