Do Senior Year APs get credits?

Can you still get college credit from AP exams you took your senior year? And if so, which schools?

also pls link websites where you found your info below :slight_smile: tysm!

Senior year is irrelevant. Every school will look at senior year APs over the summer - which is when they’re looking at every other AP you’ve taken. Credit is determined by each school’s policies and vary tremendously on which exams/scores confer credit but no where did I see any school not consider senior year.

Senior year AP credits are not given any differently than junior year AP credits. You send your scores to the school and they process and give you credit. Your senior year scores will not show up until mid summer so may not be there in time for your first advising appointment. You may need to tell your advisor that you have scores coming in and expect to be able to place out of some classes. Advisors are used to this.

As to whether any specific college gives credit for any specific AP, you need to check their website. Each school is different. Some are generous, some are not.

You need to check each college’s web page for its policies on granting AP credit.

AP scores from junior year or earlier can be considered in the application for admission.

Chances are your student will have chosen a college by the time any senior scores come back. If the college they have chosen grants credit, they can submit those scores in the summer for credit or for placement considerations. Last year the registration to take the exams was in October, which was well before most students knew for sure where they were going to attend. So there was a small risk in laying out money for tests in advance.

If that student takes a gap year OR applies to transfer out of their freshman year college, then senior year scores can be considered for admissions purposes when they do decide to apply.

The only issue with AP exams taken in 12th grade is that if you matriculate to college in the fall term immediately after high school graduation, and that college has course registration before you get your AP scores, you may not know whether you can take advanced placement based on them. You can change your courses later, but then you have fewer choices of sections / times than when choosing early.

AP exams taken Senior year are treated just like AP exams taken any other year for credit/placement after enrolling at a college.

Each school’s website will have details - not going to link every single college’s AP policy.