Do skateboarding awards help a college application?

Hi! I am a skateboarder and have won national-level awards in skating. The awards I won are from the Grind for Life contest which raises money for cancer patients. As I said, it effects your national ranking and I scored 2nd in a contest during my freshman year. Would colleges like to know this? I don’t play any school sports. I am on a heavy math track. I am a junior taking Calculus BC, next summer I’m taking differential equations, calculus III, and linear algebra. Senior year I’m taking PDEs and possibly Advanced Calculus… not quite sure yet, that’s far in the future. I have a 3.9 GPA. I’m taking AP Calculus BC, AP Statistics, AP Seminar, and AP Physics C: Mechanics for my APs this year. I haven’t taken my SAT yet. I’m applying to highly selective colleges such at MIT and University of Michigan: Ann Arbor. Do colleges care? Could you give some advice?

It would count as one of your ECs. Sure, list all the contests and awards.

Yes, knowing about what interests and drives you, and the dedication that I presume must have been involved in reaching that level are of interest to AdComms who want to know the entire person they are admitting.

it’s more a flourish than a bullet top colleges are looking for. The traits of persistence, resilience, any teamwork, etc, are good. But you’ll need to find the right balance when you fill out Activities. Other experiences relevant to your major will carry more weight.

Take an early look at the app and supps. Try to glean what they’re looking for in what your targets say and show via their own sites. Hope you’ve discovered the great MIT admissions blogs.

Thank you!

Thank you! Great advice. I know it’s not a bullet but it is a part of what makes me unique.