Do some high schools offer all AP courses?

<p>I noticed on the CollegeBoard website today that there are about twice as many AP courses as my school offers. Why is this? Shouldn't all high schools have to offer all courses? I'd love to take Gov, Econ, Spanish Literature, or Environmental Science, but my school offers none of these.</p>

<p>Anyone else have this problem?</p>

<p>I think only a very few offered all these courses. My school don't offer all of them either because of the lack of competent teachers to teach AP courses or that teachers who are competent do not choose to teach them. Or that it is restricted to a standardized curriculum. For example, my school is in California, and it is a requirement to teach World History and U.S. History, so there are AP courses for that. However, no AP European History since it's not necessary, even though it could be offer as an elective course like many schools.</p>

<p>i go to a public school in Texas and the only ones we dont offer is AP world History (i have no idea why) and AP microeconomics (we only have macro). and then of course some of the languages.</p>