Do SPS and Andover have their own application portal?

Did not see one there, so assuming no school application portal and everything needs to be submitted through Gateway? Other schools seem all have their own site which track what they have received.

Question for SPS, if there is additional materials (not related to sports, music, ballet), what is the best way to submit? Just submit to the general admission office email address or submit to the admission officer who interviewed me before?

Many thanks!

I only know about Andover, they seem to have a to-do list that tracks your progress, but submitted through Gateway.

thanks a lot!

To Pearlescentrose: Do they send that to-do list to applicant? Or if I’m all complete, then they will not send anything? Thanks a lot!

I think when you submit your Candidate Profile they will send you a link to your portal (where you link Gateway to Andover) and you can visit it whenever and for your decisions? I’m not really sure though, I don’t really use the checklists.

I only have the portals for scheduling interviews for these two schools, and I have not found any checklist portal. Same to you?