Do students have a tough time getting classes?

This is something Im worried about here at UCB because its happened so much to me in HS.


@kjake2000 this article points out that over 2000 students take this class.

You are usually able to enroll in the lecture, but may not necessarily get the exact discussion/lab times you want. There’s always quite a number of people dropping after a few days, so if there is a class you want to stay, just stick w/ it and you almost always end up getting in.
‘Shopping’ for classes is a thing, especially if you don’t like the professor’s teaching style or the time is too undesirable, then pushing it back to next semester while taking something else right now is certainly a strategic move. Going to all the possible choices in the first week or two and picking your favorite top 4 was my move.

I would also suggest being flexible with days/times. Kids who say “no” to classes before 11:00 am, for instance, limit their options. D has gotten most of the classes she’s wanted, but she’s also willing to do 8:00 am’s and Fridays. There is a lot of jumping off and on wait lists, so really monitor this.

It’s not that bad. It’s sometimes difficult to get into the labs for some classes, but I just take them the next semester when I have a better registration time. It’s not true for every class and there’s techniques to better plan out registration. Just have a backup class or two and register right on time. You only get 12 or 13 units Phase 1 so choose wisely.

Basically, I was generally a very confused person summer before first semester and I forgot about the 13 unit thing second semester, but May 2nd I am prepared to register. I have 7 possible plans. But it’s fine. I’m happy with my classes.

when does fall semester class registration starts? and how will I know about it? includes class enrollment dates.

Note that multi-phase enrollment. Students are limited to selecting up to 13.5 units of courses in phase I. In phase II, they can add to bring their schedules up to 17.5 units. After phase II, students can add up to the limit of their division during the adjustment period.

@Kentriko For a more exact date and time, if you go to Calcentral, the academic tab, to the right, class enrollment, Phase 1 Begins.
There should be an exact date and time. You can probably start messing around with the schedule planner if you want but sophomores-seniors are registering for classes phase 1 through May 8th ish.
Phase 2 for us is in early August.