Do students who are in the top 8% still have to submit admission essays?

<p>Since the students in the top 8% at a Texas high school are guaranteed admission into UT anyways, I don't see why they have to go through the trouble of writing 2 more essays during their hectic senior year in HS.</p>

<p>Because your essay helps you get into the college you want to get in to, especially if it's one of the harder ones. Top 8% automatically accepts you into Undergraduate Studies, but not the Architecture, Engineering, Business, etc. colleges.</p>

<p>And scholarships look at it. I was top 1%, so I was guaranteed McCombs (got my acceptance letter in the mail, a week after I applied, it was automatic.)</p>

<p>I could have copy/pasted the theme song to the TV show Friends as my essay and still gotten in. But scholarships look at the essays too, so it matters. Also, business honors looks at it.</p>

<p>Why Two Kay,
So did you get into business honors? How hard is it to get into an honors program at UT, esepcially one as high-ranked as business?</p>

<p>^ I didn't try for BHP.</p>