do summer programs give an edge in college admission?

<p>i am in grade 11 and considering a summer program. i am wondering if summer programs gives one an edge in college admission.</p>

<p>Depends on the summer program.</p>

<p>Most of them: no.</p>

<p>Selective ones: yes.</p>

<p>I mean it shows some dedication. It's better than just sitting at home all summer.</p>

<p>I disagree with Flippy. I think most colleges will see that you have taken the initiative to take a higher-level class during your sacred summer, and they will look upon it with favor. However, as you deal with colleges that are increasingly more selective, I do not believe that it would give you an "edge" to be accepted. The only way to gain favor from these selective colleges is probably if you obtain an A for that college level course, and if the summer program is highly selective or not. Most of the programs which cause you to pay thousands of dollars are probably not very selective at all, i.e. Harvard SSP, Stanford, etc.</p>

<p>Yes,especially if they show continued passion regarding a particular interest such as acting,creative writing,computer programming,foreign language study,etc. Probably not as much for just continuing regular schooling like "exploring mathmatical concepts". Many debaters attend debate camp and that is well regarded by colleges.</p>

<p>Rarely do summer programs ever affect admissions directly. What they do is allow you to experience the campus and be more convincing when writing about why you want to go to that college, show colleges that you're not sitting around idle during your summers, and enrich your knowledge.</p>

<p>thank you for your valuable inputs. i am associated with a Blind People Society in India and have been contributing in various ways. This past December I organized and trekked to the Base Camp of Everest to raise funds for the society. It was an awsome experience and the response was tremendous. This coming summer I have to choose between spending time with the Blind People Society and attending summer school. Which would you recommend?
Once again, thanks for all your inputs.</p>