do summer programs help college chances?

<p>would a summer program like the harvard ssp help college chances?
btw i know you shouldnt do them just to help your resume but im just wondering.</p>

<p>Yes, usually a prestigious and selective program does help chances.</p>

<p>what about college summers sessions? i'm going to the stanford one and they say it's selective. if not, could someone explain to me why good grades in the summer quarter of a prestigious school would not indicate futures success to admissions offices?</p>

<p>lowejf, good grades in the summer quarter of a prestigious school would definitely indicate future success. So in general summer programs do help. The problem with the selective unversities is that they get way too many candidates that will be very successful if admitted, but there is only a finite number of slots.</p>

<p>yes it helps!! b/c colleges ask you what you did during summers so its a good thing to be able to show colleges. and two you can get a college prof (in my case a Harvard prof.) to write you a recommendations (as long as you ask they really have no problem doing so...) since you mentions harvard ssp...alot of my harvard ssp friends are going to really prestigious university's! now i doubt that is mainly due to ssp but more so b/c getting into ssp means you have to be pretty qualified therefore most ssp participants do really well as far as college choice goes! </p>

<p>but keep in mind if you plan on applying to a selective university it will help but at the same time there are many more extremely qualified applicants as well.</p>

<p>i don't know how much significance there is but i thought it was interesting: i just looked at the facebook group for stanford summer session kids from 2001 and pretty much every one of them is now an ivy/ivy-caliber alum.</p>

<p>as long as the summer program vastly influences u (which is usu stated in the essay) it can help in college admission.</p>