do TEDx talks have much weight?

hey everyone!

so i’m a senior from canada, but i really want to go to school in the states, and i’m working really hard on my applications right now. but i’m a little bit worried, because i dont feel like my stronger extracurriculars are very unique. one thing i DID do though was a couple TEDx talks (not for schools events) and i’m planning my own TEDx event for my city to be held in january. do these hold a lot of weight in applications, like, will it impress the readers? i’m just super worried about everything omg.


also, I’m really sorry if this is in the wrong section! i thought college admissions fit the theme best, so I put it here, but im not quite sure this is the right place for my question

Organizing your own is cool, but speaking at one? I doubt it. TEDx are so common that I know high schools that have hosted their own (which means a dozen or more students got to give “TEDx Talks” haha).

^ To above poster, TEDx are not “so common”. Call me ignorant, but I think giving a TED talk would look great. Especially if it shows emphasis on your interests. Good luck!

TEDx is not the same as TED, @james1998iq

“i dont feel like my stronger extracurriculars are very unique”

“Unique” can be a misunderstanding. There’s much that’s expected that isn’t unique. CC has this idea you have to stand out for being unusual. Not.

I looked at your chance thread and you’ve done lots that’s related to your interests and shows depth and breadth, some responsibilities, a lot of willingness. Throw in the TEDx, it won’t hurt. But really get to know your college targets, so your app and supps aren’t otherwise generic.

How common is TEDx? I personally had never heard of it and had to google it to find out what it was. Even after reading the webpage a bit I am still not sure exactly what it is. All I could see is that there is one somewhat near me next March but couldn’t find out anything more about what exactly it was. Maybe they are more common in some areas than in others?

I guess the first issue is whether the person reading your application will know what TEDx is. If they do know what it is, then the next question is how impressive is it. Did giving these talks take a lot of your time (more than a normal speech might)? Did you have to be selected to be a speaker so the fact that you did this shows them you have some sort of special knowledge? If anyone can just sign up to talk then participating shows that you have an interest and you don’t mind public speaking, but isn’t necessarily impressive. On the other hand, I think anything you have done is worth mentioning so you definitively should include it.

@marvin100 yeah, i was worried because some schools do tedx events these days. but does it change it that all of mine were city events?

@james1983id thank you for your response!

@lookingforward so do you think my set of ECs helps me stand out at least a little then? oh gosh, i’m still so worried! but yeah, i’ll probably throw in the TEDx stuff then.

@me29034 i dont know, but at least here in canada TED and TEDx are really well known, and most people have seen talks online and we show them in school a lot, but i can’t speak for anywhere else. i would think that the people reading my application would though since a lot of universities hold TEDx events. i would say yeah, i spent a LOT of time doing research for my talks (one was on the commercialization of gender for example) and then there was a whole application process, with first a nomination, then a written proposal, then a video, and then interviews, with each of them shortlisting from the previous group. but yeah i’ll probably include it

thank you everyone for your responses!!!

You have to face that there will be lots of competition from Canadian kids, make the best of your app and supps. But you have lots related to your STEM interests, some good other things that will show well, the depth and breadth. Sure, include TEDx. No reason not to.