Do the common application essay prompts change from year to year?

<p>Does anyone know whether the current common application essay prompts are the same ones as will be used during next year's round of applications?</p>


<p>most likely, and they'll have the "topic of your choice" anyways so you're pretty much covered whichever way you'll go</p>

<p>Ah, thanks.</p>

<p>Will using your own topic impact your admission chances??? Post the essay topics for this year here, so that I can start brainstorming.</p>


<p>Don't be lazy. Get a common app account and look for it yourself. </p>

<p>And no, it doesn't effect it as long as your topic is good.</p>

<p>I'm not really lazy or anything, I just want to discuss the topics with you guys. Which one did you pick?</p>

<p>Ah. I thought you meant we had to post the topics <em>for</em> you.</p>

<p>I chose a topic of my own choice, actually. I wrote the essay first, and then created a question I answered. :)</p>

<p>I wrote my essay first, and it happened to fall under the category of experiences, so I chose that one. Write the essay on the topic you want, and if it doesn't fit any of the topics they give, just choose topic of your choice, no biggie.</p>

Just wondering about this and whether D22 should try to get started (at least jot down some notes). What has been the pattern in recent years? If the essay prompts are changed each year, how different are they from year to year? Thanks.

Haven’t changed in at least 4 years, maybe back to 2103 (which is still more recent than this thread.)

Last year’s “prompts will be unchanged” came out at the end of January, so my D is just waiting until then.