Do the essays usually require a title?

<p>I'm not sure if I should...</p>

<p>no, i think it's better without</p>

<p>its nice to title your essays if its not really answering a question. If your essay is a "Topic of your choice" its nice to have a title</p>

<p>I had titles and my counselor told me to erase them because they were more "personal statements" than papers.</p>

<p>exactly, personal statements are usually not titled, just as people don't title their xanga entries or livejournal entries.</p>

<p>I put a title on the "Topic of Your Choice" essay, but left the other ones untitled.</p>

<p>I wouldn't include a title for the sake of including one. If you have a clever title that fits the essay very well, I'd suggest you use it.</p>

<p>Technical but do you also type your name on the top left... or do you just upload your essay</p>

<p>just upload for online, but for paper apps if you're attaching anything, write name and birthdate or SSN depending on which they prefer.</p>

<p>I agree with Roger. I wrote two essays, one on a topic of my choice and one answering a specific question. I included titles for both. I think that a title can be a useful literary device and potentially a hook to draw the reader in. For my first essay, the title is also the last phrase in my essay creating a nice tie to the beginning. My second essay is three short vignettes tied together by a conclusion at the end. The title at the beginning is really the strongest tie between the vignettes until the reader reaches the conclusion. </p>

<p>So, I think that a title can be a great option if used appropriately and in a manner that serves to add something to the essay.</p>

<p>edit: this wasn't exactly for columbia; I'm not applying there :P. I think applies for all schools though.</p>

<p>There's only one essay for Columbia....right?</p>

<p>right, just one 500 word essay</p>

<p>one essay, yes. however i don't think there is a word limit
(that doesn't justify sending in a novel)</p>

<p>The online app for columbia definitely has a 3500 character limit.</p>

<p>u meant 3500 words right? I sent out my online app yesterday and my essay was for sure...more than 3500 characters.</p>

<p>For the common app, if you choose to make a topic of your own.. would you have to put the topic at the top (in a sentence) as opposed to a simple one/two word title? if that makes sense..</p>

<p>I put a title on my essay. If it's a topic that you chose, it might be appropriate to include a title.</p>

<p>No I mean 3500 characters, which they think is about 500 words.</p>