Do the males in your family speak Mumblish to You? :)

<p>This is a bit of a silly thread, but it is quite real to me.</p>

<p>The boys are home from college, and they talk Mumblish to me. When I ask a "Yes" or "No" question, their answer is something like..."nyeh" which can sound like "yea" or "neh". </p>

<p>I'm constantly having to say, "Is that a yes or a no?" If I don't ask for clarification, I often guess wrong.</p>

<p>My H is sometimes guilty of this, too.</p>

<p>What the hard is to give a clearly enunciated "yes," or "no" answer?</p>

<p>Wow, your sons talk to you? Mine just gives me "the look"</p>

<p>I thought it was just mine! My 18 year old, for years, if he talked, you couldn't understand him. We would have to have him repeat everything 3 or 4 times before we could understand him.</p>

<p>My D is as bad as the men of the household.</p>

<p>Oooooh yeah, not only do I get mumblish, I get whispering mumblish - and he waits for an eternity before he delivers it. Ya think he's trying to tell me to MYOB? ;)</p>

<p>Mumblish spoken while the person is on his/her back on the couch or bed is the worst!</p>


<p>After I told Wifely about a conversation with DS about school almost a year ago, she expressed concerns that DS didn't talk to her like that in the car. I started laughing, and had to tell her that such a conversation was not the norm and that DS and I could have a pleasant conversation without exchanging more than a few syllables.</p>

<p>Talking like a female is just that, and is not the norm for all humans.</p>

<p>Ha, my D does that too. You could try giving them a taste of their own medicine. You know, S or D: "Are you making dinner?" "Nyeh" "What? What are you making?" "Nyeh nunno.." (Said while shrugging, laying on the couch.)</p>

<p>The worst is cell phone mumblish! Both my S's have Blackberry phones. We detest the sound quality of the Bberries. DH and I are certain that either our boys don't speak directly into the phone or they just mumble or a combination of both. We can barely decipher a word when they call. S1 called yesterday. When I told him to talk louder, he said "you and Dad are just going deaf". He says his friends have no prob. understanding him. I guess they all speak Mumblish too!</p>

<p>My son called - from outside the U.S - and left a detailed message about ... something. I often feel that perhaps I'm going deaf, but his sister couldn't decipher his message for me. It's him, not me.</p>

<p>"Mumblish" -- great word!</p>

<p>Short answer: My son does particularly when I'm trying to elicit interesting details of his college life. My husband (who after knowing me for 34 years insists that I really am interested in sports, something that bores me to tears) does not.</p>

<p>Maybe your son/husband is in emotional pain.</p>

<p>Is there something about your behavior towards him that makes mumbling feel more safe?</p>


<p>I always have trouble hearing my son when he calls me on his cellphone. And it's not because he mumbles. It's because 99% of the times he calls me, he's walking outside and I can barely hear anything over the wind. And because he doesn't seem to like actually speaking <em>into</em> the telephone, as opposed to speaking in some other unknown direction. So the conversation often begins with my imploring him several times to speak louder and to speak into the phone; after a few long-suffering sighs, he eventually deigns to put the phone somewhere near his mouth, and then we can actually converse. In person, I never have to worry about a failure of communication. He's been a true chatterbox since he was about 18 months old.</p>

<p>I would be thrilled if mine spoke Mumblish - at our house they just grunt! (unless I am denying them something they really want to do - then the full words spew out - loud and clear)</p>

<p>Yes, my boys speak mumblish! I always make them repeat what they're saying and they, just like PackMom's boys, insist that it is me going deaf, not them mumbling.</p>

<p>DonnaL, You get a cell phone call. I just get texts and sometimes it seems like they can even mumble on a text.</p>

I thought it was just mine! My 18 year old, for years, if he talked, you couldn't understand him. We would have to have him repeat everything 3 or 4 times before we could understand him.


<p>My 18 yr old son has been doing this for years also.For some reason, I can understand him slightly better than my husband can but it can be hard for both of us (providing that we can get him to talk at all).</p>

<p>Talking to him on the phone is torturous. I have to confess that I prefer to have a conversation with him via text - he writes very well - even in his texts!</p>

<p>Hey, I just got hearing aids and I still can't understand my son. He doesn't use the words "yes" or "no". It's some other type of mono-syllable response.</p>

<p>My sons and my nephews all speak mumblish. And the reason their friends can understand them but we can't is that mumblish is a language reserved for adults.</p>

<p>My husband speaks mumblish! He was always telling me that I was not listening or paying attention but then he bought this gadget that you speak into and it makes a shopping list to print out for you. It works good for me. It has trouble understanding him. I pointed out that he had to speak clearer.</p>