Do these colleges require SAT subject tests??? PLEASE HELP?

Bard </p>

<p>i know NYU requires 2? and i can't seem to find it for bard and skidmore. (don't think art schools need it right? ><)</p>

<p>ALSO WHICH ONES ARE common app??? DDD:</p>

<p>THANK YOU!</p>

<p>NYU actually requires none. You meet its test requirement by choosing one of the following: submit SAT, or submit ACT, or submit three SAT IIs (two won't do it), or submit three APs. Thus if you have an SAT you don't need any SAT IIs and if you have only two SAT IIs, you don't have enough to use them for admission.</p>

<p>As to the others, go here for a list of colleges that require, recommend or consider SAT IIs: Compass:</a> Admissions Requirements</p>

<p>Go here for a list of common app colleges: <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

On the web-site of brandeis is writtenn that university requires sat 1, sat 2s are not mentioned, also middlebury college says that one can meet their requirements by submitting act, sat 1, or sat 2s in three subjects... is that right?</p>

<p>Correct as to Brandeis; that site still has not corrected it since Brandeis stop requiring SAT IIs about two years ago. Also correct as to Middlebury giving you the three options (like NYU except you don't have the AP option).</p>

<p>go look at the website on your own. this is a horrible place to ask for specific datas like that cuz answers will always vary for some reasons.</p>

<p>NYU does not require sat 2s anymore</p>

<p>OMG REALLY!? arrghhgh OTL i'm sort of relieved, but frustrated cuz i took those just for nyu...</p>

<p>what about USC? ><</p>

<p>haha okok ><'' thank you for ur help</p>