Do they care about Military Service?

<p>Hi. I am hoping to transfer to UCB and I am curious how much of a factor military service is in being granted admission. I spent four years in the Marine Corps and went on two combat deployments. I also have a 3.8 GPA. I can't imagine this would hurt me at all, but I am just curious how much they look at it. Thanks :)</p>

<p>Not too sure how much they count it into your admission but you're right, it can only work in your advantage. You can probably write some kickbutt statements regarding to those experiences somehow so they can get a better background on your deployment. </p>

<p>I'm sure thats what they ask of military families anyways right? For the personal statements?</p>

<p>It counts in my heart.</p>

<p>From what I've heard, Cal loves that kind of stuff. It can only help, not hinder. Be sure to mention it in your personal statement when you talk about your growth and development into a beautiful flower/unique snowflake/conscious, responsible, and motivated adult/whatever.</p>

<p>I'd approach it from a "military service made me a more complete person" (assuming it did, of course) angle, rather than from a "I served my country, so you should reward me with admission" angle. </p>

<p>The fact that you served in the military, in and of itself, would likely help you, but you don't want to seem braggy. You almost want to mention it in passing, even if you're talking about something that happened in the military. You want to emphasize you, not just what you've done.</p>

<p>Know what I mean?</p>

<p>If you read the instructions for the application there is a special section for Veterans, they want to know all about your experience and leadership, from the application instructions:</p>

<p>Special instructions for veterans & their families</p>

<p>Because UC is interested in knowing about your or a family member's military service, you may wish to use the personal statement to communicate the following:</p>

<p>Describe how your military service has been instrumental in developing your educational plans.
Indicate if you are entitled to educational benefits as a result of your own military service or the service-connected death or disability of a parent or spouse.
Indicate if you are affiliated with the military, such as the spouse or dependent of someone who is on active duty or a current participant in an ROTC-type program.</p>

<p>^^Why would they want to know about my benefits? I bet they're just trying to see how much money they can squeeze out of me.</p>

<p>Hey if it helps you get accepted what can it hurt?? LOL I thought the same thing though, why they need to know that in an admissions essay is beyond me but whatever I'm putting it in there</p>