DO they check attendance during orientation?

<p>So I found out that I will not be in the country until the 14th (one day after the last orientation) so what shall I do? Can I just not go? do they check to see if you went?</p>

<p>I answered my own question
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<p>Officially cancel via email, using the email address provided. I would think that you would not be charged.</p>

<p>To cancel a registration, please email <a href=""></a> and include the following information:</p>

<p>Student name and RUID
Date of Session registered</p>

<p>Let us know if you get charged anyway (or what they reply via email). </p>

<p>The charge would probably not be finalized either way until ~the 2nd or 3rd week in September.</p>

<p>ok just pop a comment here and i will remember to post it...(bump it so that I remember)</p>

<p>i payed for it but i did not get in truble</p>

<p>So you paid, but could not go? And you did not get refunded?</p>

<p>Did you send an email prior to orientation letting them know you would be unable to attend? Thanks for posting back, btw.</p>