Do they receive your Nov SAT scores ???

<p>They didnt receive mine yet…</p>

<p>Wut i did is that I checked cornell as one of the recipents before takiung the test (4 free) then after I get my scores…I also choose to rush the score as well (just in case)</p>

<li>THey will get two rite? one electronic and one rush?
2.They shall at least receive one by now…but…</li>


<p>they update their system every night. call them and ask</p>

<p>heard someone said that they didnt update the system up to this point even though sth was actually received just unchecked......</p>


<p>My daughter took SAT IIs November 5th. Even though everyone said not to rush them, when the coach contacted her and told her to check with admissions on the status of the missing pieces, admissions told her to contact the colleboard and have them rushed. I did and two days later the scores were up for the SAT IIs plus SAT Reasoning scores (she had submitted her ACTs as they were better). The coach contacted her back that day and said they had sent everything on to the college for review. So if you didn't rush them and they still don't have them I would call and change that tomorrow.</p>

<p>I did rush the score the day after the score was out...they still havent received it........that was so weird</p>

<p>i took the nov 5th SAT II's and didn't rush it to them and they got it like a week ago.</p>


<p>I called up collegeboard and had my November SAT's rushed to Cornell, and they updated my service site the next day with my new scores. Hopefully they didn't already make their decisions though (supposedly they started decision Nov. 14.)</p>