Do trade school and comm college degrees not help much in looking for more advanced jobs?

<p>If you wanting work in something like engineering, animal science, physical science, computers, do you need something more advanced than a trade school or community college. Some people have recommended these, but I don't think they get me very far down the road except for maybe less competitive and less advanced small-town work. I was looking for something bigger. I already graduated with a bachelors degree in communications., but got a low gpa and having a hard finding jobs in that area (partly because I'm an introvert, but liked movies and tv).</p>

<p>For engineering, you generally need to complete a bachelor’s degree in engineering accredited by ABET or a mutually recognized non-US accrediting organization.</p>

<p>For computers, there are more options, although the best job options involve either a bachelor’s degree or equivalent self-education (to which there is a somewhat lower barrier to entry than in many other fields, but still requires good ability and motivation).</p>

<p>Education in either of the above can be started at community college, though you would have to transfer to a four year school to complete a bachelor’s degree.</p>

<p>If you already have a BA, you probably can’t get financial aid. So a good stop gap measure is to find a job and go to college part time, saving money, then switch to a 4 -year college. If you can’t find a job, then a technical certificate or trade school can get you to a job to allow you to save for your 4 year degree.
Are you able to move anywhere or should you stay within a specific region?
Taking the first level of classes at a community college, following the recommended transfer path, is a good way to start toward engineering. Some community colleges have agreements with Tech Schools but we’d need to know what state you’re in.
Trade Schools can get you to a well-paid job (do NOT choose the “for profit school” route though, as the name indicates, their goal is to make a profit off of you. If available, look into the apprenticeship route.)</p>

<p>I live in Missouri. It would be hard for me to move without finding a roommate (personal mental issues).</p>