Do transfer students get the last pick when picking out classes?

<p>Is it true that transfer students get the last pick when it comes to picking out classes and time?
I am just worried that I will be left out with the bad professors and schedule when I transferred.</p>

<p>The returning students usually register before new students (freshmen and transfers).</p>

<p>Ok but when I transfer I will be taking upper level classes like biochemistry, genetics, molecular biology etc
don’t you think that those classes usually don’t fill up fast? they are NOT the kind of classes that fill up fast like history, english, calculus, etc.</p>

<p>Usually lab courses have strict caps. (It’s a lot easier to add an extra desk to a classroom, than an extra lab workbench). In my experience, the first semester classes weren’t exactly what I wanted, but scheduling got better after that first semester.</p>

<p>It depends on the college!</p>

<p>My daughter transferred to a private LAC and she registered 3 days before classes started…all the transfer students were in the same boat.</p>

<p>Yes, a lot of classes were closed, but she got what she needed. Class availability depends also on the college offerings. Subsequent quarter was not an issue.</p>