do transfer students need to formally disenroll at their previous college?

<p>I emptied my course registrations shortly after I deposited, but has anyone had to complete an application or some other form announcing intent to disenroll? </p>

<p>I'm just worried that there will be some administrative blockade telling me I can't be enrolled in two colleges concurrently, which may delay or nullify my enrollment at the college to which I transferred.</p>

<p>I had to formally withdrawl from my previous school. It's not hard, I just filled out a form and submitted it to my dean's office. After that, the registrar will drop you from any classes you are enrolled in for next semester.</p>

<p>what? No.</p>

<p>Lets say you attend the College of A and want to apply to The College of B.</p>

<p>You fill out your application at B and wait. You can still be enrolled at A and register for classes. Just IF you get accepted at B you have to choose. The only disadvatange to being registered at both and waiting is to keep your classes at A you'll have to pay something i'm sure. So its really up to you; if you think its a sure shot then dont enroll but I dont recommend that.</p>

<p>Yeah, you will. Otherwise, it could cause confusion down the line. I just had to go to my dean, and fill out a simple form. He asked me a few optional questions -- why I was leaving the college, where I was headed, etc. -- and wrote down my answers for future reference. And obviously, you want to wait until you've accepted the offer of admission from the new school, and received a financial aid package (if applicable) before you inform the old school.</p>