do u know students at columbia?

<p>Hello again,</p>

<p>I spoke to my friend at Columbia today and asked her to say a good thing or two to the admissions officer reading my app... (she thinks she knows the ad officer)
Is that a good idea? lol :)</p>

<p>I met with Jessica Marriciano (the director of admissions) in June and she got me in touch with the "reader" for Singapore.. So I've called her up and emailed her..</p>

<p>Has anyone else gotten in touch with their admissions officers?</p>

<p>I have. I think it helps; although it may be that he doesn't remember me by the time my application is looked at. Meh.</p>

<p>oh ok.. are you gonna get in touch with him netime soon?
did you send in a photo?</p>

<p>how do you get in touch with adofficers? what did you tell them?</p>

<p>i told them.. i love u! hahahaa

<p>ummm not much just touched base with them..</p>

<p>and i met jessica maricciano in june.. then she got me in touch with my adofficer</p>

<p>i've heard recently from a fresh who has kept in touch with his adcom that these things can be positive or negative. If you have met your adcom, then it is ok to email/call him/her if they gave u that info. However, you can contact your adcom before an application submission if you have questions. after, its really just like you emailing them and its obvious that you're trying to "gain an advantage". but again it could be postiive or negative. like supplementary stuff, it can hurt you. These people get millions of emails and to contact them without a real cause...can be fatal. (haha by fatal i mean byebye ED not like death).</p>

<p>so i would consider before doing anything. but i mean if u have good stats, be confident u can make it!</p>

<p>The addmision officer who is reading the applications for my region came to my school, and gave everyone who met with her, her email address. I have been in contact with my officer since September.</p>

<p>I worked with someone going to Columbia this summer...</p>

<p>I've met my officer three times and I think I really impressed her the last time. I knew my stuff about Columbia. I hadn't really thought about if that would help me, but I guess since she is reading my app it might.</p>

<p>good stufffff :)</p>