Do UC's look at your first semester grades of senior year?

<p>do the UC's use the first semester of senior year when admitting students? or is it just grades from grades 10 and 11?</p>


<p>no they don't look at it. you apply in november..grades haven't come out. basically I got A's and B's for nothing. who knew I would get into berkeley..</p>

<p>congrats! what were your stats?</p>

<p>actually they do but not at first. a lot of schools do the "midyear report" thing but they dont, leaving many kids to think they can screw around their senior year. however, when i was accepted and read the "terms of admission" i felt pretty bad cause there must have been some kids who didn't meet them at all and new automatically their admission would be rescinded. the conditions are pretty straightforward; for both individual senior semesters you need to have an unweighted gpa of 3.0 and no grade lower than a c (so theoretically you could get 3 As and 3 Cs and be fine). Again it says BOTH TERMS, so if for whatever reason your 1st term didn't meet that req you're going to get rescinded.</p>

<p>In addition to what the other posters have mentioned, Cal has a process called augmented review, where for a small fraction of the applications they will ask for a supplemental questionnaire to be completed. As part of that supplemental, they ask for your first half grades and also provide a link to have one recommendation entered - it is a link used by the counselor/teacher you selected as a one-time entry of recommendation information. </p>

<p>If not asked for a supplemental, then senior year grades are not considered in admissions decisions. </p>

<p>Of course, they are part of the conditions of acceptance if you are offered a spot. Basically that each of the semesters must come in at 3.0 or higher unweighted and you must not earn any D or F grades in an a-g category class during senior year.</p>

<p>wow, so NORMALLY they don't look at senior year when making admission decisions... that kind of sucks for me.</p>

<p>basically they dont look when making DECISIONS, but if you're accepted they look at them when FINALIZING your decision</p>

<p>mkapur, what do you mean by "finalizing" the decision. i mean, once they accept you, isn't it final...</p>


<p>Your acceptance can be rescinded if you don't meet the terms after being accepted. It's not final until you start attending classes really.</p>

<p>Yep - admissions offer from a college typically have conditions attached. Some are implicit - if you are discovered to have falsified your admissions application, you can be rescinded. Actually, they can toss you out even after you start.</p>

<p>Others are explicit. The offer has a list of things you must do in order to actually attend. You must take the classes you listed on your application as your senior year plan. You must earn a 3.0 UW every semester. You must not get any D or F grade in senior year. If for some reason you made changes, perhaps swapping one class for another, you contact them and explain. </p>

<p>It is not 100% guaranteed that you won't be able to attend if you don't meet those conditions, but you better have a good reason because your college entrance will depend on the generosity of the admissions office.</p>

<p>Just do your best in your senior year lol. You don't want to have your admission rescinded for not trying on purpose.</p>