Do UCs look consider class rank??

<p>Do UCs consider class rank?</p>

<p>Percentage of kids in top ten % of HS class:
UC LA 97%
UC Berkeley 99 %
UC San Diego 99%</p>

<p>does that answer your question?</p>

<p>No. There isn't even any place on the application to list class rank. However, admitted students are required to send in their HS transcripts after they graduate - and statistics can be pulled from that.</p>

<p>uc's do take in alot of 10 percenters</p>

<p>The UC's are designed to take the tope 10% of high school students in California. That is why they have such high percentages.<br>
The UC's are very similar to Canadian schools in that respect. The Canadian schools admit based directly off of one's percent in class, the UC's place very high stress on having better numbers than good EC's (but at least they have essays and consider EC's).</p>

<p>I don't think they do. In my school, i have a 4.2 GPA and i am only in the 20 percentile and i go to a public school in california.</p>

<p>Eligibility for certain things is determined by class rank. Under the Eligibility in a Local Context, those in the top 4% of their high school class can be automatically admitted to a UC (not one of choice) regardless of test scores (many in California have already been notified of such admission, and many of those to UC Irvine). Class rank is also determinitive of the preferred group for admission to UC's in general -- the general guideline followed is that the UC's attempt to admit as many of those in the top 12.5% of their class as they can (again not necessarily to one of your choice). Outside of those parameters, each UC decides for itself whether it will consider class rank and some do (like UCSB) and some don't (like UCLA and Berkeley)</p>

<p>i'm not sure how you can say berkeley does not consider class rank when 99% of its students were ranked in the top ten percent of their class. That is the highest percentage in the nation...higher than harvard, yale etc.</p>

<p>All I can say is that Berkeley claims it does not consider class rank. Also note that it is very easy for Berkeley to end up with a high percentage of those in the top 10% without ever formally considering class rank beyond the parameters stated above. Understand that the pool the UCs begin with and that the UCs attempt to admit is the top 12.5% of high school students in California. Berkeley is then one of the most selective of the UCs, meaning it can very easily eliminate that portion of the applicable pool that is below the top 10% simply by choosing those from the 12.5% group with the higher GPA's.</p>

<p>class rank important for elc...elc helps you majorly!</p>

<p>you just supported my point though...if you're not in the top 10% of your class then you're prolly not getting in to Berkeley...</p>

<p>I got into UC Berkeley, UCLA, and UCSD and I was only in the top 20% of my class at the public high school I attended. So, it can happen.</p>

<p>For non-URMs, class rank is, you bet, important. Otherwise, there wouldn't be the ELC thing. I'm ELC, but there's a misunderstanding about this. It is NOT "every Calif. high school." It is only certain select high schools. Many do not fall into the category of eligibility. I've been told already I'm in UC Irvine, but I have no intention of going there. And why would someone in top 4% of an already prestigious HS want UC Irvine when there are better choices for them in & out of CA?</p>