do UC's see the other UC's you apply to?

<p>I heard on your UC application, all colleges see what other schools you applied to (or maybe you write this down on the application, not sure.)</p>

<p>How does this have an affect on your admission? Is it true that you are guaranteed to get into one campus?</p>

<p>I read somewhere that UC's compare your personal statement that you submit with other personal statements that you submit to other UC's. This is to see if you are just submitting the same one to diff UC's. They want you to genuinely want to go to that specific UC.</p>

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<p>look at the second to last bullet dudes/dudettes</p>

<p>What should I discuss as a transfer applicant?
• Read the instructions and address the two
prompts. Allow time for reflection, preparation,
and revisions. In general, focus on relatively
recent activities and experiences.
• Tell us who you are, what you do, and why you
made those choices. After we have read your
we will ask, “What do we know
about this individual?” If we have learned little
about you, your personal statement has not
been successful.
• Place all achievements, both academic and
non-academic, in the context of the opportunities
you have had, any unusual conditions
or hardships you have faced, and the ways in
which you have responded to them.
• Include interest in your intended major,
explain the way in which your academic
interests developed, and describe any related
work or volunteer experience.
• Explain your reason for transferring, if you are
applying from an institution other than a California
community college. For example, you
may substantiate your choice of a particular
major or your interest in studying with certain
faculty on our campus.
• Include information about your family or work
• Discuss any gaps in your education, particularly
if you believe your earlier academic work
does not accurately reflect your abilities.
• Discuss the benefits you would gain from
EOP, if you wish to be considered for that
program. Tell us about your determination to
succeed academically, even though you may
have lacked the kind of support usually available
to second or third generation collegebound
• Keep in mind that different colleges and universities
may be looking for different kinds of
information. If you are applying to a number
of private and public institutions, using the
same personal statement/admission essay(s)
for all of them may not be advisable.
• Proof, edit, and share your statement with
others. Consult a friend, teacher, or counselor
for comments. Your personal statement
should reflect your own thoughts. Ask advice
of whomever you like, but DO NOT USE
ANYONE’S PUBLISHED WORDS BUT YOUR OWN. This includes “Internet” essays.</p>

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<p>If I'm wrong girlyshout, please enlighten me.</p>

<p>you are SO right. that 2nd to last bullet point clearly proves that "UC's compare your personal statement that you submit with other personal statements that you submit to other UC's."</p>

<p>If you don't take "wow... u are such a genius" as an insult, you are clearly either 1) mentally retarded or 2) a troll.</p>

<p>Ok so maybe I was wrong. I jumped to conclusions. Disregard what I posted. But seriously? Insulting someone you will probably never see?</p>

<p>I take that you have never actually completed the UC app yourself. </p>

<p>In a nutshell, you write two personal essays and select the schools that you have decided to apply to. In other words, every UC you applied to reads those two essays and therefore cannot possibly "compare your personal statement that you submit with other personal statements that you submit to other UC's." </p>

<p>Why? Because they are the **same **essays.</p>

<p>Well in certain ridiculous cases where a guy applies to UCLA and UCB he could have something written along the lines of.....</p>

<p>"I love the Bay Area and E-40 is my favorite rapper. He has motivated me to improve my grades and to stay in northern California and never leave....ever."</p>

<p>Ahh yes, in this instance, UCLA would probably look at that personal statement and think this guy only wants to go to UCB. Of course, this would be the SAME personal statement that both universities read. With that quote, I doubt either school would be sympathetic or accommodating to the guy's needs.</p>

<p>damn LOL, no one bothered to answer the OP's question, this just turned into a thread of insults.</p>

<p>ok so...Yes the UC's see which other UC's u applied to. I don't know what effect it will have on ur applications, it's kinda up to the reader. As for the last part, they say that if you are qualified (the minimum requirements) and you apply to atleast 4 campuses ur garunteed to get into one. But they trick you when they say that, it doesnt mean that if you apply to UCB, UCLA, UCSD, and UCD (with bare minimum qualifications) ull get into one of them, it means that they will send a little letter thing that says u can have them forward ur app to UCM or UCR (usually UCM). It's their way of telling you that they'll atleast give u that one. I know this cuz it happened to a friend of mine, he applied to UCB, UCLA, UCD, and UCI, but he didnt get into any of them and the UC system sent him that letter telling him they could forward his app to UCR if he wanted.</p>