Do UCs stack Regents Scholarship with Cal Grant or Middle Class Scholarship?

Does anyone know if UC Davis would stack their Regent’s scholarship with either Cal Grant A or California’s Middle Class Scholarship?

My DS was approved via TAG for admission this Fall 2022. He was invited to apply for Regent’s and we will definitely qualify for California’s Middle Class Scholarship (possibly even Cal Grant A depending on the income limits for this year). Just wondering if both can be applied or if one displaces the other.

  • If a Regents Scholar has additional financial need beyond the $7500 honorarium, the scholar will be awarded university scholarship and/or grants to cover the remainder of the scholar’s need.

Thank you! So it sounds like, if he was awarded Regent’s, it would displace $7,500 of any need based aid he received from the state. But he would still receive any need he qualified for above the $7,500.

Our son had extra money offered on top of the $7500 Regents at Davis that would have made it worth about $11k/year (didn’t end up attending though). Another of our kids received a small amount of FA in addition to Regents at a different UC when the 2 kids were both in college at the same time.

That suggests a substitution of any loans, work-study, and/or unmet need (if any) found in a normal FA offer with grant / scholarship, correct?

That sounds correct.