do universities look at senior year grades?

<p>my school does a semester grading system (so there are 2 final grades per year). our first semester ends at the end of january. </p>

<p>will University of California (UC's) schools and private schools like stanford, harvard, etc. look at those grades even though we turn in our application on november 30th and january 1st?</p>

<p>Stanford, Harvard and other very high ranked private universities require you to submit a mid-year report with your semester grades and those are considered in admission. The UCs use grades through junior year to decide admission and do not require a mid-year report. Many universities are like Stanford and Harvard and many are like the UCs.</p>

<p>Yes they do, but it varies. If you've applied ED/EA anywhere and was deferred they may request your semester grades which will be weighted towards a decision on your application. If you've been accepted somewhere ED/EA/RD you may only need to submit your semester grades at the end of the school year and could possibly get revoked if you did bad enough.</p>

<p>Bottom line: Don't sweat it, but don't embrace senioritis.</p>