Do University professors force you to complete homework if it is missing without excuse?

I am going to Penn State and in one of my classes, engagement log assignments are worth .75% of the grade because there’s so many of them due every week. I did not do them for three weeks straight, but I have been doing my other more important homework in the class (I have a 97% in it.) This is an entry level, general-ed class by the way. So we are learning basic stuff. (It’s a security analysis class if you guys were wondering).

She takes these .75% assignments as proof you have been engaging in the class, sometimes it will ask for screenshots or just a brief overview of what you learned. The teacher knows that I am active though as I am always talking during the zoom class.

Anyways…She E-Mailed me asking why I didn’t complete the 3 assignments.

This is a trend I have noticed with all my other teachers… if I miss an assignment, small or simple, they always freak out and start E-Mailing me asking…Why?

I am just so confused. Why don’t they just let me take the consequence, even if it isn’t the best outcome? It is my degree not theirs. They get paid to teach me, I get paid for nothing. If I can’t afford one assignment because another was too important then…too bad, whatever gets me my degree, right??

WHY do they care so much, and how do I communicate what is going on? Is this something other people deal with too? Am I in the wrong? Am I not taking college serious enough?

They care because it’s their job to care. The online learning is new and a lot of people are struggling with it. I’m sure they are trying to make sure everyone is engaged and managing, especially if they are freshman level classes where kids are just transitioning to college.

You are in the wrong. Do the assigned work. You are fortunate to have professors who care.

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Okay I understand you are right…

I just… wasn’t sure if other people, if every single student in the entire University truly is perfect at completing assignments. I have difficulty making friends so I don’t know how other people manage their classes (within reason.) Does everybody really do all the assigned work? ALL of it?..

So how are sophomores and juniors treated?

Don’t worry about other people…just do your work… preferably without your professors having to ask again.

I have 2 adults kids. I know they completed all of their assignments, plus extra credit assignments if they were lucky enough to get those. Both of them were going into the kind of careers that GPA mattered and their school (both of them went to the same school) graded on curves.
I work with a lot of new graduates and I pay attention to their work. No matter how good they are, if they couldn’t pay attention to detail then I don’t want them on my team. Doing your homework is the minimum you could do in each class.

People who don’t have the friendships, resources, or family to help guide them in the right direction, need answers on how other people actually do their work, so I understand where I fall on the totem poll. So that is why I asked, if it is the same for sophomores and Juniors if they don’t complete assignments. Do teachers still hunt them down, and also, do students at that grade level still mess up and miss homework sometimes? It isn’t a difficult thing to ask. I reckon this is a college forum where I am free to get answers… Forums were made by the socially inept you know! Lol

My D is a college junior. She turns in every assignment. Every extra credit. Goes to every office hour, review session, etc…

I will share this, the students who miss assignments are not given the benefit of the doubt if on the cusp for a higher grade at the end if the semester or if something turned in goes missing that plummets a grade. Your professors want to see you giving it your all.

What about classes with 100+ students? (never been in one… my campus is still shut down, sadly) How do professors manage that?

I guess what I am confused about is, where is the cutthroat competition at. Or is that just in Ivy league schools?..

@SarahM456 You can find competition anywhere, and collaboration as well. It just depends on who you choose to associate yourself with, not the university itself. As other posters have stated again and again, be thankful that your professors are willing to take the time to talk to you and follow-up regarding HW: it’s their responsibility to make sure you have the tools you need to succeed, and knowing when and if you need help is one of them. :smile:

Well that right there just tells me everhything. Sometimes I just need reasurance that Im holding myself accountable the right way. I have trust issues with people who make more money than me.

I understand what you are talking about @SarahM456 i wonder if there is some sort of mentorship program you can get into at your school? Something where an older student helps you navigate what’s appropriate for college. I had a good friend in college who was first generation and she needed help understanding what was normal. No shame for you, you were just asking.

Yes, you should be completing every single homework assignment all the time, on time. You say other kids seem better able to get things done and that is absolutely possible. Lots of kids come into college more prepared than others. Kids who had an immense work load in highschool have already figured this out. Maybe look at your day and figure out where you’re wasting time. Make yourself a schedule. Break things down into small chunks. Achievable goals. Like the tiny assignments, do them in the five minutes right after class so it becomes a habit. Things like that. And importantly, assume positive intent from your professors. It is their job to make sure you are doing their best. Be grateful you have such great teachers, there’s nothing nefarious going on there!!

And few free to ask questions here. Good luck!

Your professors and your university want you to succeed. They want you to get a job or go to grad school, and be out in 4 years. All those things reflect favorably on them. Big class or small class, your professors (and TAs) will be paying attention. Any competition is most likely going to be coming from within yourself, not externally.

Ultimately you can blow off the work but as you are already experiencing, it will be noted. Remember at some point too you’ll be needing profs to write LORs. You want to be making a good impressions.

Love the idea of seeing if there is any kind of mentor program to connect you with an upperclassman.