Do upward trends in GPA matter?

I plan on applying to a few different schools for Fall, once I receive my AA from my local state college this Spring.
I went through some medical issues my my first year in college that resulted in a few failed classes.
I have retaken those courses and have gotten A’s in them (which I know doesn’t matter for weighted GPA) and will have a 4.0 GPA in my last 42 credit hours.
It really sucks if they don’t because I feel like I deserve to get into some good Universities after facing so much adversity and coming out on top. My weighted GPA will be a 3.0. but that number doesn’t reflect my true potential and where i’m at right now. Anyone have any experience with this?

I think colleges will notice the upward trend, but it is not enough to offset a bad GPA. The first semester is still recent compared to high school grades, standardized testing, etc, and colleges rely heavily on all grades received in college and the overall GPA. That being said, it isn’t impossible to transfer with a 3.0 and you can explain in your application that you suffered from a medical issue that affected your coursework. Best of luck.

Thank you for the reply, I don’t expect to get into any top tier Universities, but somewhere like FSU (which I think my chances are heightened due to the fact I go to FL CC). I hope they take the medical issue into consideration as well! I think they would have to? It’s just kind of dissapointing to me how something like that could affect someone’s future so drastically :S

I sympathize with your situation, but yea that’s just how it is. Even though college coursework is one of the most important aspects of transfer applications, you should also note that it isn’t the only factor. Recommendations, experiences, and high school stats will all have a role, so keep your head up!

What do you mean weighted GPA? There’s only 1 way colleges do GPA which is credit hrs x grade received.

Yeah…all hours and courses attempted including F’s even if replaced with a better grades calculated.

You’re graduating this spring and wanting to transfer for Fall 2017? You should submit apps ASAP then. Seriously, do it now. Upward trend definitely helps. You could also write about it in your personal statement.

I’m waiting because in the Florida school system I have a huge advantage if I actually receive my AA and then apply given I show them the documentation. I’m only going to apply to the universities in the Florida school system like Florida state and Florida University the admissions aren’t rolling either and the deadlines are like a month after I’ll receive my AA. Do you still think it matters? I thought that at first, but after more research it seems like waiting is the way to go.

I’ll have a month between the deadline and final grades as well, why do you think it’s so important to do it now. The reason I’m waiting is because my GPA won’t be above a 3.0 until this semester ends and my CC does not give mid term reports or anything. (6 classes, lowest grade 96 right now) so I pretty much am set to get all As. I’m also specifically looking at Florida State.

There should be a place on the app to say that you will have an AA by the time you enroll. At least that’s how I’ve always seen it done (and how I did it, tho I haven’t applied to FL schools). I’ve never heard of waiting til you actually have the degree. It looks like FSU has some impacted programs too – first come, first serve. You also may miss out on financial aid and dorm selection by waiting so late . . .