Do US schools allow application after term 1? mid term?

I want to apply for Phillips academy andover, but I’m born late october. Andover only has students from grade 9 and above, am I allowed to apply in august not february?

You will need to apply for the next school year (24-25). But you can apply to repeat 9th if that’s what you are asking.

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You would apply in early 2024 for admission to the Fall term 2024, You either apply for the next grade in your progression or to repeat your current grade. Your birthdate is irrelevant.

For the most part, schools at that level only offer the option of fall intake


I think that you are misunderstanding something. Would I be correct in guessing that you are not from the US?

The application deadline is February 1, so you should be applying in January.

What grade you are applying for is based on what grade you currently are, unless you are reclassing. Admissions is only vaguely interested in your age, not what month you were born in.