Do Wake Forest admission officers look at links in the common app “additional information” section?

I’m a hs senior applying to colleges right now, and I am planning on EDing to Wake Forest (planning on majoring in art). While finishing up my common app, I noticed that Wake Forest doesn’t take any supplementary material other than supplemental writing. I want to show them my art portfolio I have been working on during my high school career, but the only way seems to be by creating a website showcasing all my artworks and then adding the link to the “additional information” or “activities” section. However, do Wake Forest admissions officers even bother to click external links? I feel like my artwork will help my application, and I want them to see it. Can someone who knows/ has had past experience tell me if they take the time to look?

Hi! I used the Wake Forest application, however I would think that the admissions officers would click the external link. From my experience, I believe that Wake really values your entire application and will definitely want to see your artwork!