Do we have to know battles for SAT USH?

<p>Crash Course specifically states that battles (except for Saratoga, Pearl Harbor, and Antietam) do not appear on the AP USH exam. So I was wondering if the same applies for the SAT subject test.</p>

<p>I wouldn't completely skip over battles (I would at least know the big ones, when, and results) but the SAT II does not really ask specific questions about the battles.
crash course is right.</p>

<p>i hope not, im really oriented around AP us history and you don't have to know any battles in that exam.</p>

<p>I wouldn't worry too much about battles and the specifics.
TRENDS TRENDS TRENDS. If you can just know the eras, their people, economic outlook, and politics, you'd at least get 700. (colonial, post-revolution, Jacksonian era, pre-Civil War, reconstruction, gilded age, progressive era, Depression, WWII, Cold War). I was mad during the last test when one of the question just gave a name and asked what she did... that seemed unexpected.</p>