Do we need to hit 60+ units by junior year?

<p>Here's how many units I've taken:</p>

<p>1st semester: 15
2nd semester: 14
3rd semester: 12 (enrolled in 13, but 1 unit not awarded since I took Math 1A before 16B)
4th semester: 19 (I'm here now)</p>

<p>So I'm taking 19 units right now, which would total 60 for the first two years. But one of my classes is boring (3 units, fulfills historical studies breadth) and I want to drop it. Would that be a problem? I don't care about the $10 late drop fee.</p>

<p>I applied to Haas and I'm wondering if they would view my low amount of units negatively...</p>

<p>Drop it and take a Decal. I think the 60 units is required for Haas.</p>

<p>I use to take only 12-14 units to focus on my core classes (read: protect my GPA) and then a 2 unit Decal to get the normal units per semester.</p>

<p>Well I would need 3 units and only a couple Decals offer that many.</p>

<p>Btw... I have 23.9 units from AP classes so that adds to everything I mentioned above, if that makes a difference</p>